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The Nassau Music Society gives scholarships and financial aid as well as educational opportunities to students of music, choral groups and musicians.  Here are some testimonials from some of the star performers in music who have benefitted from our assistance!


If you are interested in becoming a part of our cause to assist the youth of the Bahamas and enrich the country at large through music, contact us today to give a donation or to become a sponsor.  Your participation will make a world of difference!



Scholarship Recipient 2011

“I would just like to say thank you to The Nassau Music Society.  The NMS Scholarship has made my journey at The College of the Bahamas so rewarding and easier because of not having to worry about funding for classes.  It also helped me to maintain a great GPA because of the requirements of the scholarship. The Nassau Music Society went beyond this; they also assisted with helping me attend the American National Flute Association Conference in Orlando 2012 where I performed with the band CForce.  Also, I have performed on numerous occasions at their Members Night as a scholarship recipient and also with the group MUIN242. I cannot say enough for all The Nassau Music Society has done for me!”


Scholarship Recipient 2012

“As a privileged recipient of The Nassau Music Society Scholarship 2012, I can truly say that my musical experience has taken another dimension.  I have had the privilege to perform at Full Sail University, The Ensemble du Monde Orchestra, feature on ‘The Riff’ (composed by featured composer Dominique Legendre) and in many local concerts and calendar events at the College of the Bahamas as a scholarship student.  The scholarship opened the door of opportunities for me in the following years as a percussionist: featuring on Djembe (African Drum) at the world renowned Lincoln Center in New York, and being part of historic album ‘Melodic Conch Salad’. The Nassau Music Society has really been a blessing to me in my education and musical career; I am forever thankful!”


Scholarship Recipient 2013

“I have not always been a musician, but I have always loved music!  In high school, I was introduced to the music department and most importantly, he second woman in my life… my horn (trumpet).  It was an avenue to stay out of trouble, and a path which has yielded me great results. In 2013. I applied to the College of the Bahamas, Music Program, and after an interview process, became a recipient of The Nassau Music Society’s scholarship.  What I didn’t know was the impact having this scholarship would have on my life, not just financially, fut also holistically. I have been privileged to attend each concert that the Society orchestratesin Nassau, and I directly interact with musicians and artists from around the world!  An honor which I do not take for granted! If not for having this scholarship, I would not have met some of the persons I have. I am grateful for The Nassau Music Society because I can fully concentrate on my studies, and not how I will pay for school; this is a big relief each semester.


Scholarship Recipient 2014

I am Eric Fowler and I’ve been a Nassau Music Society Scholarship recipient from 2014.  Presently I’m a Music major at The College of the Bahamas and in the third semester of the Associate Degree Program.  Initially, at age 10 I was tutored buy Mr Francis Richardson on piano and thereafter I began playing saxophone in high school at Aquinas College.  As a result of developing an interest in playing the saxophone I became Principal Saxophonist of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Band. My goal after my career in the Police Force Band is to educate and impart knowledge to young people through the art of music and the Nassau Music Society is playing a part to achieve that goal.  In addition to financial assistance with my education, I appreciate the NMS for their desire to develop young people of The Bahamas to become excellent musicians and to provide exposure to musicians of excellent quality through hosting concerts and master classes. I thank you, NMS, for giving me the opportunity to read the music and turn the pages for the Russian pianist Polina Leschenko during her performance in March 2015.  It was a great experience!”

Help the Nassau Music Society to continue to give outstanding Bahamian music students scholarships and masterclasses with world-class musicians!


Your sponsorship or gift to The Nassau Music Society will allow us to continue the work we have done since 1961.  We have seen the rewards of our efforts through the growth of competent and dedicated music educators and performers, and a boost in the level of artists who give concerts and masterclasses in the country.  Moreover, we have seen the priceless result of keeping our youth inspired and focused on their dreams.

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