NMS believes that arts programming is a critical component to a well-rounded education and therefore has a strong commitment to education outreach initiatives such as our Masterclass, Student Enrichment and Artist in Residence Programs.  Additionally, we provide scholarships and grants on a regular basis to assist talented students and groups.  


As part of our outreach mission, all of our featured artists offer free masterclasses to local students and music enthusiasts.  A masterclass offers a rare opportunity for students to perform and receive a critique from a master musician.  Although time allows only 3-4 students to perform, audience members can gain knowledge and insight by observing the master at work.  


For the first time, an outstanding masterclass participant opened each of our concerts last season.  


Masterclasses are free for students and NMS Members to observe.


Educate.  Entertain.  Inspire

NMS seeks to provide meaningful and enriching musical experiences for our local young musicians.   In addition to masterclasses,  NSM goes out to the community with the Student Enrichment Program, launched in partnership with Glinton Sweeting O'Brien in 2018, and also presents special Children's concerts when possible. 


In 2013 NMS and Ensemble du Monde presented "Before there was Mozart", a concert that introduced children to Joseph Boulogne, Le Chervalier de Saint-Georges, also known as the "Black Mozart", and in 2019, 400 children from participating primary schools will attend "Classical Sonic Safari", featuring "Carnival of the Animals" performed by Duo Turgeon.